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Research & Projects

Dutch Cemetery, Nagasaki, 2016 - 2018.

(Leon Bok, René ten Dam)

In 2016, the foundation was asked to advise on a number of matters related to the Dutch Cemetery in Nagasaki. During the research period, the plan arose to publish the available material in the form of a book. Various authors from both Japan and the Netherlands were approached and in collaboration with the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and with the support of the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, an English-language edition could be produced in addition to a Dutch edition. The book 'Buried at the other side of the bay - Remains of Dutch funerary heritage in Japan from the era 1609-1870' was published in 2018.

Some short chapters from the book are included in parts on the website, but the book contains much more material. Interested parties can order the book as a PDF by donating € 7.50, stating: Japan book English (or Dutch). Readers living in the Netherlands who prefer a hard-copy (17 euro incl. p&p), please contact us by e-mail or use the contactform

Authors: Jean-Paul Corten, Martijn Manders, Leon Derksen, Brian Burke-Gaffney, Ryuji Hiraoka, Leon Bok and René ten Dam. With a preface of Aart Jacobi, ambassador at the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Tokyo.

Research material that could not be included in the book for various reasons will be published on this website. This includes an overview of burials at the Dutch Cemetery in Nagasaki, as stated in the diaries of the factory.



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