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Research & Projects

Thesis on Dutch Cemetery in Surat. 2020 - present

Indian architect Kaanan Thakkar is currently working on a thesis on the Dutch Cemetery in Surat as part of the Advanced Masters in Conservation of Monuments and Sites at RLICC (KU Leuven), Belgium. Through a specific case scenario of Surat in Gujarat, Kaanan Thakkar wishes to understand the cultural significance of the cemetery in the perceptions of local communities as shared heritage, while also building upon narratives that explain their unique trans-cultural architectural and heritage characters and recommending their possible integration in the local urban landscape as a factor of sustainable development.

Guidelines on the preservation of Dutch Cemeteries. 2020 - present

(Dr.Suresh Sethuraman (INTACH), Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Foundation)

Based on the experiences gained with projects in Nagapattinam and Fort Kochi, the Dutch team of experts wants to make recommendations regarding the restoration of old Dutch cemeteries in India. The publication is done in close collaboration with INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage).

Restoring the Dutch Cemetery in Fort Kochi. 2020 - 2021

(Church of South India Fort Kochi, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Foundation)

Because the Dutch cemetery in Fort Kochi was closed, Reverend Shinu John Chacko planned to open the cemetery to the public in 2019 to introduce everyone to the shared heritage of India and the Netherlands. A joint team from the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and the Foundation has drawn up recommendations and inventoried the cemetery.

Research Dutch cemeteries. 2017 - present

( Foundation)

In 2017 the Foundation started a project to map the historical Dutch Cemeteries in India. Results of their research will be featured on

Restoration Karikop, Nagapattinam. 2017 - 2021

(Hans Schiebroek †, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, INTACH, Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands, Foundation)

In 2014 Hans Schiebroek started funding on the restoration of the Karikop cemetery in Nagapattinam, in Tamil Nadu. In 2017 the Dutch Dodenakkers Foundation (stichting and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE) were asked by the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds to support the project with advise. Together with the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) a workshop was organised on the possible restoration of the big tomb of Anthonia Steelant-Nilo and the obelisk of Adriana Mossel-Appels. In january 2020 the Dutch team of Dodenakkers and the RCE visited Nagapattinam again. Together with restoration architect Sakthi Murugan and INTACH, details of the restoration were discussed on-site. Early 2021 the restoration was completed.



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