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Running projects

Here you will find an overview of the different projects that members of the network are currently involved in. More information can be found (or will be available at a later stage) on country or region pages.


  • Platform Historical Cemeteries. The platform is an initiative of the Surinamese Ministry of Education and Culture and the Suriname Built Heritage Foundation. The new organization must serve as a consultative body centered on the protection of the funerary heritage for all involved. More information in News and later on this site.
  • Research Surinamese cemeteries. The aim is to map the Surinamese funerary heritage. Results of the survey are presented on
  • Research into the disappeared cemeteries of Fort Zeelandia. For over 122 years, more than 100 people, including many notables from the colonial history of Suriname, have been buried in and near Fort Zeelandia.


  • Nagapattinam. With the support of the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds, two grave monuments are currently being restored under the supervision of INTACH at the Dutch cemetery 'Karikop'. A report will follow shortly.
  • Surat. Indian architect Kaanan Thakkar is currently working on a thesis on the Dutch cemetery in Surat as part of the Advanced Masters in Conservation of Monuments and Sites at RLICC (KU Leuven), Belgium. More information in News and later on this site.


  • In Danielskuil, the grave monuments in the cemetery show the transition from Dutch to Afrikaans via a kind of intermediate form. The cemetery beautifully shows how long the so-called bruinmense in the Northern Cape continued to hold on to the 'Evangelische Gezangen' of 1805, even after Afrikaans was officially recognized as a language (1925) and after the first African Bible translation (1933) was published. Bart de Graaff conducts research and maps the funerary monuments.


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