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Research & Projects

Dutch burial sites in the US: history and protection. 2008-2009

(Leon Bok)

By studying the cemeteries in the US where the ancestors of Dutch-Americans are buried, we were able to expand significantly our understanding of te way they used to bury and how they used the monuments and markers on their graves. This knowledge was used to point out the common history of our two countries to audiences in the Netherlands, especially around the celebration of the moment 400 years ago that the Dutch sailors set eyes on the great river that was to be named the Hudson. The project was a collaboration of the Dutch Dodenakkers Foundation (stichting with the Monument Conservation Collaborative (MCC), leaders in the field of historic gravestone conservation in the US with support of historic preservation professor Norman Weiss of the Columbia University.

More information on the project.


Hier Leydt Begraven: A Primer on Dutch Colonial Gravestones. 2007-2014

(Brandon Richards)

Exploring the oldest colonial burial monuments in the Hudson Valley. Results of the study were published in 2014 in the article Hier Leydt Begraven: A Primer on Dutch Colonial Gravestones.

More information on the project (with link to the article).


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