Timeline cemeteries Paramaribo

The city of Paramaribo has a fascinating funerary history with more than 50 well-known cemeteries. In addition, several yard graves are known and there are also the lost slave cemeteries and various finds of pre-Columbian graves. By describing not only what has been preserved, but also what has disappeared, it is possible to map Paramaribo's funerary history. This gives us more insight into the history of Suriname. The cemeteries and cemeteries are heritage that the Netherlands shares and connects with Suriname, but at the same time it is mainly Surinamese heritage.

The history of the cemeteries is visually displayed in a timeline (PDF opens in a new window). The version date is shown on the PDF. The timeline is updated based on new information and insights.

For the time being, the timeline is only available in Dutch.

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